On the Streets of Wynwood

Mariluz Van de L'Isle at Wynwood Miami

My sister Mariluz came from Holland a couple of months ago. We went to the streets of Wynwood, Miami and I took a couple of portraits of her. It is always fascinating to walk on those streets and see the amazing murals and art surrounding the streets, which make for great photo sessions.

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Las Mujeres de Mi Vida – The Women of my Life

Jenny Cortes

Queridas mama, tia, hermana, primas. Perdonen por no haber publicado esto antes, no se porque me demore tanto. No fue hasta eque mi mamá me dijo hoy que Mariluz ya estaba molesta que no las habia compartido, que me puse a revisar estas fotos que tome en Diciembre del 2011, cuando nos reunimos en la casa de mi tia Jenny.

Quiero decirles a todas que las amo, que son hermosas. Que Dios nos creo con un proposito especial a cada una de nosotras. Que El nos a llamado a ser ezfrozadas y valientes. Que somos sus mujeres virtuosas. Que tenemos el mejor ejemplo de madre que na familia pudiera desear, Mi abuela Sara. Que Dios la escogio a ella para dejar un legado de indentidad en nosotras, una identidad de mujeres fuertes, trabajadoras, sinceras, amigas, consejeras, unidas!

Dios nos ha bendecido al hacernos mujeres de esta familia. Y declaro que somos, lo que nuestro papá ha dicho de nosotras. (Proverbios 31)

Dear mom, aunt, sisters, cousins. Please forgive me for not publishing this before, I don’t know why it took me so long, It wasn’t until today that my mom told me that Mariluz was mad that I has not shared them, that I started review in these photos that I took on December 2011, when we got together at aunt Jenny’s house.

I want to tell all of you that I love you (also to those that are not in this photos), that you are precious. That God created us with a special purpose for each of us, That He has called us to be strong and courageous. That we are virtous women. That we have the best example of mother that any family can wish for, Mi grandma Sara. That God chose her to leave a legacy of identity in us; an identity of strong women, hard workers, sincere, friends, united!

God has blessed us in making us the women of this family, and I declare that we are, what our Dad has said about us. (Proverbs 31)

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Debora Pulling Off iCandy™

Wynwood Walls

Continuing with the promotion of the new line of summer shades from R&D Eyewear – iCandy™ – my good friend and model, Debora Santos do Nacimiento, wears the shades as we visit the streets of Miami! Thank you Debbie, what a good time we had, I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed working with you. Miss you…Be blessed!

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Naima – Spring 2012

My daughter Naima will be turning 7 in a couple of months. She has been one of my main models since she was a baby. I started to learn photography years before my daughter was born, but it wasn’t until I had her that I started to actually acquire what some people call “the eye” for photography.

My daughter (and my husband) became my main subject to photograph mainly because of the proximity. It was not easy for a new wife and mom like me to go out and search for subjects to photograph and create photo projects. My daughter, however, was always with me and it was just a matter of getting my camera and just shoot away at her. It was fun. I would spend entire days (and entire rolls of film) following her and capturing all those moments that as moms we always want to remember.



In every sense of the word, my daughter is my best work…

Here are some photos of Naima’s most recent photo shoot for spring, at Tree Tops Park in Davie, Florida.

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R&D EyeWear – iCandy™ Line

iCandy shades

With absolute pleasure I introduce my newest client, R&D EyeWear.

It was also a pleasure to be their official photographer for the launch event of their iCandy line at Waxy O’Connor’s in Brickell, Miami .

Succesful Night for R&D EyeWear’s First Launch Party

May 4th R&D EyeWear took downtown Miami by storm. Waxy O’Connor’s hosted their first promo party and if you weren’t able to attend lets re-cap the highlighted event.

Raisa Cohen and Daniel Franklin were on hand in association with Mr. Miami Marvin, Eyes On Miami, and TatyCohen Photography to present R&D’s first product line called iCandy’s and launched their web site to the world.  R&D’s fan base was out in force to support the two young entrepreneurs.

R&D also debuted the first of their apparel, a T-shirt design with a clear message “I don’t want your coins, I want change”. Many were on hand to make a fashion statement and be part of R&D’s movement as the party raged into the early morning. There is a bright future for these two who have sponsorship plans and fashion shows on their mind. “Be on the look out for product releases and events coming up all summer” says Raisa Cohen.

To check out photos of the event visit the Gallery.

Here are some photos at a street photo-shoot in Miami’s Design District.

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